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At the beginning of the year, we started this little newsletter called Math Mondays. We are shocked at how fast it has grown, but we are also super excited as well. But let’s say you are new here and don’t know what Math Mondays are. If you spend some time clicking around, you’ll notice that this blog focuses on learning math with base ten blocks. We don’t mean base ten blocks like the ones you find in schools with only units, tens, hundreds. We use Mortensen blocks, Math-U-See, and Cuisenaire Rods. But Stern Rods would also fit into this category.

For Math Mondays I wanted to go a different route. I love Vedic Maths. I know there is a bit of discussion about whether Vedic Math is really Vedic. That is a non-issue for me. Let’s pretend for a second that all Vedic Math amounts to is a bunch of tricks to make mental math easier. I say, “Let’s go for it!” The algorithms are simpler and easier, which with practice, can make mental math lightening quick. Plus, understanding how the “tricks and shortcuts” work will tell you a lot about how numbers work. Since I am a certified Vedic Maths instructor, I thought I  would just teach a course on Vedic Maths. We started with digit sums and we will end up somewhere in differential equations. It may take us a few years to get there. We are not traveling this math journey at lightening speed. Rather, we are traveling at a meandering rate. It is just enough to replace one day of math in your homeschool or you can cover a small section each day.  Because I like mixed metaphors – we are eating our elephant just a few bites at a time.

Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 1

My original plan was to put the newsletter up for a week, remove the link and replace it with a new one the following week. Well, that works very well for us, but it doesn’t work so well with you guys since the newsletters build on themselves and all that. Plus,  I didn’t plan for  how fast our newsletter list would grow. We were just this small band of geeky math block groupies hanging out on Facebook. We aren’t compaining. Thank you for joining us! I am glad you are here and want to play math with us.

So, here we are on January 23, 2016. We have put out 3 newsletters. If you have missed any, you will receive them all in an archive link this coming Monday, January 25th. If you sign-up for our newsletter after this Monday you will get an archive link in your welcome email. That way you can get started immediately. And if you miss any newsletters after this Monday, you will have to go to our FB group and ask if someone can send it to you. I am not being mean. If I answer all requests for back newsletters, I won’t be able to write any more of them. Since I actually like writing them, you have to go the FB group and ask. The great thing about the FB group is that they are some of the most wonderful people in the universe. Everyone is kind. I am not just saying that either. They really are. And you will probably not just get one person to volunteer to send it to you, but 10. I am lucky to have all these people as my friends and some of them are like family. You are welcome to join the family too.

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