The Ultimate Cuisenaire Rods & Gattegno Teaching List

Want to Learn Gattegno Start Here

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 1. This is the first textbook. It seems small, but there is enough material for a couple years of work in pre-k through first grade. Even if you are starting with an older child I would start with the algebra first portion.

The Cuisenaire Gattegno Method for Teaching Mathematics by CE Chambers this is where I got my feet wet. It is very concise in that it walks you through the tasks for each level and what the student is supposed to become aware of when completing the tasks.

Handbook of Activities Textbook for the Teaching of Mathematics at the Elementary School was gifted to us by the Bronx Charter School for Better Learning for us to distribute here. This is a treasure chest of material! You can download it here

ISSUU Books, the Mother Lode of Cuisenaire-Gattegno Resources

ISSUU is a great site where publishers have posted books for you to read free. Educational Solutions Worldwide, the copyright holder of most of Gattegno's work, has placed all of their material online to read free. You can look through the entire curriculum before you purchase it. Many of the Gattegno books have the same information in them. Here are the two I would read after the two listed above:

Now Johnny Can Do Arithmetic - This is an easy introduction to the Cuisenaire-Gattegno method for teaching math. It was written for parents, though many teachers enjoyed this book as well.

A Teacher's Introduction to Arithmetic - Gattegno's gentle introduction to his method. It is not as well put together as the Chambers book above, but full of good stuff.

Educational Solutions on ISSUU -

Books By Madeleine Goutard:

Madeleine Goutard worked closely with Gattegno and was a teacher trainer. The following works contain much of the same material. If I had to get only one it would be Mathematics and Children. I have found that Mathematics and Children to be essential to my understanding of how to teach in general. She addresses many problems that are likely to arise when teaching.

Mathematics and Children

Experiences with Numbers in Color

Talks for Primary School Teachers

Mathematics and Children and Talks for Primary School Children are available from

Articles about Gattegno

Caleb Gattegno: A Famous Mathematician from Africa

How Caleb Gattegno Influenced My Teaching

Reflections on 40 Years of Work in Mathematics Teaching                                                                                            

Other Gattegno Resources

The Cuisenaire Company was founded by Gattegno. The sell rods and books in the UK:

Educational Solutions holds the copyright to much of Gattegno's work. Located in Canada the offer hard copies of most of Gattegno's work. They have an excellent deal on the entire curriculum and rods:

Association of Teachers of Mathematics is an organization founded on Gattegno’s philosophy of subordinating teaching to learning:

Tizard Mission Early Algebra Project is part of Ian Benson’s work. Benson is from Stanford in the US and Kingston University in the UK. This project is part of the pilot program for schools in the UK. It is based on Gattegno’s Numbers in Color Math textbooks and his method of teaching. There is a lot of useful, interesting information on the project page with good illustrations.

Educational Solutions Youtube Channel:

Carolyn Ainsworth Videos on YouTube:

Website with Cuisenaire Rods online:

Rods From Amazon (These are wood and line up well.)

My Cuisenaire Pinterest Board is where I collect all kinds of posts and other things related to Cuisenaire Rods. Not all of it is Gattegno related.

Gattegno and Cuisenaire Blog Roll

Cuisenaire Rods, the way of Zen

Play Discover Learn is my friend Lacy's website. She has some fantastic resources and task cards for Cuisenaire Rods. Gattegno probably wouldn't approve of what she's done with his material, but it does make Gattegno accessible for more parents. She's worked really hard to understand Gattegno and keep her material as close to his ideas as possible.

Pinkmathematics - is run by Simon Gregg and is not just about Cuisenaire Rods. He has some great activities on there.

Education Unboxed - Uses a lot of Mortensen Type Activities with Cuisenaire Rods




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    Thank-you, Yuyan. How else are we going to convert the world into mathaholics?

  • maryam says:

    Could you also let us know in this post which Cuisenaire rods to buy please!! there is so many choices!! 1. From the original UK site which is plastic but apparently chic plastic. 2. From HAND2HAND which comes in plastic and wood!! 3.From learning resources which also comes in plastic in wood! What is better? Wood? Plastic? or the original from UK??? Can you stack the plastic ones on top of each other??? or are the edges rounded? thanks

    • Sonya Post says:

      I have a whole mix of rods I picked up on ebay, I didn’t purchase any new. I have not found that it matters much. When I was at The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning last summer, they had bins of all kinds mixed together. I know some really like the wood and some the plastic. The only real advice I have is to get a lot. I would be looking for value over type. This is a very nice set and will take your student from pre-k through 6th grade, and beyond and it comes with the Gattegno textbooks.

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