Currently taking pre-K and Elementary students.


  • $40 an hour for a single student (not very much fun)
  • $25 an hour per student for 2 students (more fun)
  • $15 an hour per student for 3 or 4 students (most fun)

Contact: sonya[at]arithmophobianomore.com

Yes, we tutor by video chat too.



Math Tutors That Use Base Ten Blocks

This list will continue to get updated and will be pinned under the resources tab.  If you are a math tutor who uses base ten blocks in your teaching contact me and I will be happy to add you to this list. This post is under construction.

Anna's Math Page
Anna Tarnowski
Location: Canada
Skype and Google+

Algebra For Breakfast
Bob Hazen
Location: Online
Not tutoring but a supplemental math program for students grade 3-6. Perfect as a just getting started tool in base ten blocks for older students. Covers a huge range of topics.
Requires Mortensen Blocks, can be purchsed from Algebra For Breakfast

Arithmophobia No More
Sonya Post
Location: Pella, IA
Ages: K-6, Special Needs Students
Certified Vedic Maths Instructor, uses multiple strategies including Mortensen and Gattegno
Skype and Google+

Crewton Ramone's House of Math
Ben Rogers
All ages - Best Option For a Struggling High School or College Student
May or may not be taking new students.
Mostly Mortensen

Kirk's Tutoring
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Special Needs Students
Uses multiple strategies including Mortensen

Peace and Blocks
Lisa Smith
Not Taking Students at This Time
Gattegno and Mortensen