Today Is Math Monday!

Working the 9 Point Circle

Working on the 9 Point Circle

Today is Math Monday. Sign-up is easy. Enter your email to the right and get my free ebook and you will automatically be added to the Math Monday club. You know that club with all the cool kidz. Yeah, that’s us. Except it’s not. We were never really the cool kids. And we weren’t even part of the geek squad. There, it is finally out. I admitted it. We are pretty boring folk on this end of the monitor.

In our second installment, we are examining just how crazy fun the number 9 is. We are using a 9 Point Circle, checking out a shortcut to multiplying by 9, subtracting left to right and checking our work with digit sums. And we will be doing a little bit of geometric math art type stuff.

  • Deborah says:

    Is there a link to lessons we might have missed or would like to reprint?

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