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Hurry, before this Giveaway Closes on February 16th.

I teamed up with Lacy at Play, Discover, Learn and Denise Gaskins of Let's Play Math fame to bring you a fantastic giveaway featuring some of our favorite tools to get you and your family playing with math and noticing and wondering.

When we put this package together we were thinking of some of our favorite tools to get you and your family out of the textbook rut. We wanted to play but not to entertain. This is a hands-on mathy goodness giveaway

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Let's Play Math

I love this book. This is the starting point. With Denise's gentle guidance, it will help you become that playful math mom you want to be. She takes you by the hand and leads you into math play and helps you teach math so that students understand what is happening - by helping you understand what is happening. 

This is where I tell everyone to start. Do you already have this book? No worries, she'll give you the book of your choice....and she's going to sign it!

Cuiseniare Rods

For the Love of Math Giveaway

Of course I'm giving away Cuisenaire Rods - 3 sets to each winner. These are the wooden ones from ETA Hand2Mind. The case is nice and you can stack them. They keep the rods from flying all over the place. 

It's been our experience that you can't have enough rods. These retail for $60.

Original Spirograph Delux 

The Spirograph is math classic. It provides ample opportunity for notice and wonder, creating math art, experimenting with shapes and lines, and patterns. 

There is some pretty complex math going on, but your children don't have to understand it to appreciate it. Retails for $20.

Dive Into Shapes Sea and Build Geometry

Dive into Shapes is a hands on geometry building set. Students will be able to build 3-D and 2-D shapes with confidence and explore by creating their own. P. wants to know why he can't enter because he wants this set for himself. 

Comes with fifteen 2 sided activity cards. Retails $29.

Anglegs Student Set

Anglegs are a super cool manipulative and they go very well with the Dive Into Shapes set above. Students are able to make explorations into measuring, shapes, angles and more. 

The pieces are transparent so students can play around with their own shapes and venture into noticing and wondering with ease. The student set comes with activity cards. Retails for $15

Deluxe Money Set by Learn and Climb

Lacy suggested a play money set and I was a bit skeptical until I saw it and now I want one. We use real money to teach about money, but this thing is super cool. It has really nice plastic coins and realistic looking money. It also has checks, a credit card, and a wallet. 

I would use this for allowance and I would be the banker. This would help P. understand credit, interest and loans in a controlled environment. And the box is very nice. Love this! Retails for $24.

Gattegno Textbooks One and Two

And last on our list of prizes are the first two books in Gattegno's Mathematics Textbook curriculum. Of course, you know I love this program. If you want to find out more about it, read my blog. 

You can download them free on the internet, but it's much nicer to have the hard copy versions. These books sell for $9.95 each and we're giving you two of them!

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