Hacking Subtraction

I used to hate subtraction. In elementary school, it was the worst thing ever and I didn’t mind math, at least not at that age. There is no reason that subtraction has to be a problem for any child. There are a lot of strategies your kids can use besides the standard borrow/carry algorithm we teach in school. That algorithm is one of the slowest, most cumbersome, irritating algorithms found in elementary mathematics. If we want our kids to calculate quickly and accurately, then can we at least provide them with the tools to make calculations quick and accurate? Sheesh.

The following video does not address all of the strategies for subtraction available. This video takes material provided by Mortensen math and puts a Vedic spin on it. You will note how easy it is to subtract left to right without confusion. If you want to learn more subtraction strategies and calculations near a base, get my free ebook over there on the right and you will be added to our Math Mondays newsletter list.

[youtube id=”LCP7KQEQQn4″]
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