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Fill your student's math time with engaging, guided discovery activities based on Caleb Gattegno's curriculum and method of teaching mathematics. Gattegno is responsible for popularizing Cuisenaire Rods in the 1950's and 60's and is the grandfather of what has become the guided discovery model for teaching. 

These activities are perfect for the parent using Gattegno or anyone looking to supplement their current curriculum with effective discovery-based activities. 

What ages is this bundle for?

Gattegno started all students off in the same place - the beginning. Our recommendation is students ages 2 - 10. Module 2 of Hands-On Learning with Gattegno covers many of the concepts found in the first semester of an Algebra 1 course. It's a perfect supplement for any pre-Algebra or struggling Algebra student, but it is deceptively simple enough for students in kindergarten and grade 1.

What's in this Big Bad Boy? 

This bundle is HUGE. Really, Really, HUGE. We're throwing it all out there and we trust you will find stuff that works for you and your kids. Games - got 'em. Task cards - Got 'em. Guided discovery based worksheets - got 'em. Video training - got that too.

  • Module's One and Two of Hands-On Learning with Gattegno 
  • Over 700 Task Cards
  • Well over 200 pages of games, activities, playmats, and worksheets.
  • puzzle-piece
    Over 7 hours of video training. Plus - additional training every week as long as I'm available. (I do get sick and go on vacation.)
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    Invitation to join the Gattegno Study Groups that meet 2x a week to play math, learn math, learn to teach, and gab about our experiences so we can learn from each other. That's 2 hours of training every week as long as you want to come hang out with us. No one ever bites, and most of us had a rotten math background. 

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Recorded and Live Video Training

Retail: $70

Over 7 hours of recorded video training similar to the sample training above. We cover free play and some of the introductory exercises in Gattegno's Mathematics Textbook 1. We play the substitution game from 1 + 2 = 3 all the way to polynomials. We play staircases and combine them. We show you how to use task cards and set up a Math Notebook so you can use all this stuff in a way that makes sense.

Ongoing Weekly Tutoring/Live Training

Retail: $350/per year

What if it isn't enough? You can always come play math with us at the Gattegno Study Groups. Right now we meet Mondays and Wednesdays. That's 2 hours of additional training every week. I post replays as my technology cooperates.  

 Kirk Lunde

Kirk's Tutoring 


Just had my mind expanded by math again. Sat in on one of Misses Post's Cuisenaire Block trainings. I was prepared for "teach children algebraic principals before arithmetic," and students writing down 20 times more stuff than the way I was taught. What surprised me was (paraphrasing) "students are the creators of all the math they do."

1000's of Activities, Task Cards, Play Mats and More

  • Retail: $9.00

Hands-On Learning with Gattegno is a Teacher's Manual for Gattegno's Textbook one. There will be a total of 4 Modules for the Textbook. Module 1 is completed and the latest version is included. Module Two is included but it's still in draft form. We'll be taking feedback and we'll be sending you all the updates and changes.

  • Retail: $20.00

Over 400 Task Cards and 20 playmats will take you through Module 1 of Gattegno. This is as open and go as we can get it. This package is perfect for teachers, tutors, or parents with several children. Every activity from Module One is included along with all the variations. Which makes it easy for students to work alone. This package comes in printer friendly black and white as well as color.
Contains 10 Activities and 400 Task Cards

  • Retail: $6.75

These staircase activities expand the exploration of staircase building with Cuisenaire Rods. Students will learn through hands-on tasks

-the language for ordinal numbers
-relationships between ordinal numbers
-the observation of differences between numbers
-the observation of skip counting patterns
-comparing and contrasting a variety of staircases

Pages have been provided for students to record their observations along with questions to facilitate student observation and curiosity for math. A mostly black and white version of the task cards has been provided for convenience. Extension to staircases activities in Module 1 and works well with the number building staircases below.

  • Retail: $4.00

Expression Cards For Module 2 lay the foundation for acquiring the language and generalizing the rules for manipulating the symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions. This packet contain several games and incorporates the various exercises found in Module 2. This packet can be used with children as young as four as well as struggling Algebra students. 

Students will create and transform expressions using symbols. develop a rich understanding of the equal sign, create complex expressions with variables, explore fractions as a multiplicative relationship and more. 

 J. Jones 

 Bundle Buyer 


You know what, all of these resources are amazing, incredibly well done. I'm a teacher and I was talking to my husband telling him I can only imagine how long this took you all to prepare, the fonts, the graphics, the thought in the directions. Really, it's all very very well done. We are an appreciative family.

  • Retail: $3.00

Students should be familiar with counting by tens and hundreds. This activity is found after the literal work of Gattegno's Textbook 1 and within the number work. Students usually generalize that white equals one, red equals two whites, green equals three whites and so on. This generalization is challenged in this exercise.

There are 3 lesson plans. The first two are specific while the latter is not. The first lesson introduces the challenge of changing the rod value. The second lesson introduces the challenge of changing the measuring rod. The third lesson is general in nature. At this point, it is suggested that the activity should be incorporated into the monthly math routine to continue practicing and extending mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

There are 10 "If, Then" Charts with 4 corresponding task cards for each chart for a total of 40 task cards. Task cards are 2 sided providing problems on the back to be solved based on the new values of the rod. If, Then Charts can be used to help students to solve these problems.

  • Retail: $5.00

This set is meant to accompany Gattegno's Literal Study in Textbook 1 and Module Two. It comes with 49 worksheets. Seven worksheets are designed to give students a place to generate their own math. Laminate these sheets and use over and over.

An answer key is provided. A poster for students to reference for letter abbreviations of the rods has been provided.

  • Retail: $3.50

Staircase work is a cornerstone for understanding a whole lot of mathematics: counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, exponents, and logarithms. These mats start students where Gattegno does, the beginning. But the task cards extend the activities into more advanced areas of math.  

Contains 10 Activity Mats and 40 Task Cards

  • Retail: $5.75

PDL's Fraction Exploration includes over 20 fraction activities plus 80 task cards that are great for all group sizes and as a fun addition to interactive notebooks. The activities explore fractions at the most basic level all the way up to adding and subtracting fractions. The student will also discover equivalent fractions through playful games and stories.

  • Retail: $3.75

​PDL's Search and Find for Cuisenaire® Rods activity allows students to playfully gain number sense. Students search for groups of rods that are the same length as the one specified for the activity. There is a total of 35 reusable search and find activities for numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. There are even search and find pages for staircases.

Everyone loves a search and find, and students are sure to return to this activity often. It would make a great addition to an interactive math notebook or as a math center.

  • Retail: $3.00

Subtraction Lock and Key Exploration contains 10 reusable activities that are great for all group sizes and as a fun addition to interactive notebooks. The student creates locks using rods and finds the missing keys (rods). This activity allows students to make connections between addition and subtraction.

Many of the activities are open-ended permitting the student to create their own locks and keys. This makes the activities easily extendable and encourages students to return to the activities often. 

  • Retail: $4.50

PDL's Odd and Even Exploration for Cuisenaire® opens the world of odd and even numbers with 13 vibrant reusable activities that extend beyond odd and even. These activities involve the use of Cuisenaire® rods as tools for discovery and extend to cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through 52 task cards.

  • Retail: $3.50

Decomposing numbers is easy with
Cuisenaire® Rods. These mats offer opportunity to discover factoring, multiplication, division, primes, subtraction, addition, and fractions. Number sense is that fluid understanding of how numbers relate to each other, and there is no other manipulative that provides such a thorough opportunity to discover and explore these relationships. This activity lays a firm foundation for the later study of combinatorics. 9 colorful mats provide a backdrop for exploring how numbers are built.

  • Retail: $4.00

Building equation paths activities uses Cuisenaire® Rods and fun stories to immerse the student into math in a playful way. Providing individualized discovery, these activities serve as platforms of exploration into math providing the right kind of challenge for each student from a struggling learner to a gifted learner. Exploration starts with addition but task cards extend the same activities to subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and algebra.

In this packet of activities, there are 12 activities, 48 task cards, 3 pages of instruction and a discovery page for students to record the equations they created.

  • Retail: $4.50

From Arithmophobia No More: this Base Ten Blocks Activity Mat set was designed with the homeschooler in mind. Using base ten blocks like Cuisenaire or Mortensen places the student on a firm foundation when it comes to numbers and numeracy. These mats can provide hours and hours of learning, but we have provided 11 activity cards that will assist with patterning, addition and subtraction, number bonds, introduction to fractions, and spatial reasoning. Most of the cards have variations which add a slight degree of difficulty. We've also included a short guide with additional activity ideas for use with the placemats and base ten blocks in general. 

We did our best to include all the variations of the placemats you are likely to need. There are separate sets for Cuisenaire, Mortensen/MUS, and EZ Math Blocks. We also included a set of mats with a blank ten frame as well as language packs and a word list. You will find the mats in 10 different languages or completely blank and you can use the word list cards instead. Languages included are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish. 

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