1442930403 Once upon a time, there was a nasty, ugly, old math witch. For 15 years, she frightened small children and big ones too. Her reign of terror brought children to tears. She visited them in their dreams and had no mercy when they begged for relief.

She tortured them daily with math drills and worksheets. When they cried, she gave them more. She took their tears as a sign of high rebellion against her rule and authority. There was no forgiveness in her.

Her name was: Mother

Yep, that was me just a few short years ago. Luckily, not so anymore. I was fortunate enough to repent of my sins and got a second chance. You can too. Even if you are not a current or recovering math witch, learning to teach math so your kids understand it will save them and you many hours of grief.

No more drills. No more tears. Deep understanding of numbers. Lots and lots of play. Math is the study of numbers. The beautiful and fascinating world of numbers. Come, join us on our journey as we discover the joys of a world filled with quantity.

I am in the process of building this site so come back often. Drink some tea. Relax. You are among friends. Math is not scary. And it is not hard. And you can teach it to your kids. And they don’t have to do page after page of timed tests and drills.

If you are ready to dig a little deeper, you can hook up with other parents just like you in our Facebook group: ArithmophoniaNoMore
It is a haven. Easy and calm. And lots of hand holding to get you on your math feet.

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